Translation Services

Our consultant Faiza Syed has been working as a professional translator since 1995 having extensive experience from Norway and Australia. She worked as an Interpreter and Government Authorized Translator in Norway (Urdu-Norwegian and Norwegian-Urdu). Her regular customers include major translation agencies in Norway and Australia. She continuously engages in professional development activities. She specializes in medical and legal translation and holds legal translation qualification (Norwegian to English) from the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen.


She is currently living and working in Canberra as a NAATI Certified Translator (Urdu <-> English). She also holds NAATI recognition as a Norwegian translator (Norwegian <-> English). She covers following translation directions:


Urdu to English
Urdu to Norwegian
English to Urdu
Norwegian to Urdu
Norwegian to English
English to Norwegian


Mobile: +61 413 650 255 (or use the contact form)


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