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Doing it Yourself

Seeing websites online makes you wonder how these people, company and business go about having their own websites. The things that are put into these sites appear so complicated that you may think it takes a lot of time and knowledge to be able to go about having your own site.

On the contrary, it is easier than you think it is. You can even design and publish your own website online. There are now many hosting companies that gives automated design services for the subscribers to build their own sites directly on the server. These customers can choose from different varieties of templates, graphic designs and colors, and then type in what the content should be. The disadvantage of this though is that these sites have already been ‘prefabricated’ and may not pass up to your desired standards. As you may know, there are things that a website must-have in order for it to be a hit to the readers. What are the important things to remember in making your own website?

One word: consistency. The elements of navigation should remain consistent from page to page. The critical and important information should not be buried somewhere where the readers will find it hard to access. If you want readers to find something, be able to provide it to them in the minimum of clicks. Nothing like a long scrolling of texts to make the reader lose patience fast enough for them to turn onto other sites for the needed information. It is always useful to note that not all people have the time to go though these stuff and not all of them have patience for that matter.

Large graphics is known to slow loading time and will tend to drive especially those who are using dial up. Imagine them wasting time trying and trying again, not to mention the costs that is incurred and all for just trying to get through. A simple graphic element with the text should do the trick. Buttons that are of importance, like page titles, links should be consistent and easy to read. Writing in plain English is the best. Keep in mind that readers would not be too happy reading long and complicated paragraphs just to get to the simplest information or search. Another thing that should be consistent is the fonts to avoid too much confusion and irregularity.

Although color can definitely be eye-catching as well as pleasing to those who will see them, over usage of them can sometimes be irritating. Loud colors that tend to shallow your entire concepts. These colors when employed right can make turn sites to masterpieces. On the other hand, it can totally destroy and will make your site look like an abstract, unreadable painting.

It is always best to put in a little of yourself into your websites. After all, this site is yours and on way or another, it will reflect you.

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About the Author

The author (Florie Lyn Masarate) got the flair for reading and writing when she received a subscription of the school newsletter in kindergarten. She got her first article published on that same newsletter in the third grade.

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